Half Hog

Hillbilly Nutrition

Half Hog


This is a pre-order/deposit to reserve your half of a hog.  We will have some ready in Winter, 2019 and more in Summer, 2019.  These are first come first serve and will include the cuts you like. You will receive approximately 125lbs of pastured pork.  Typical cuts for 1 half hog are:

Shoulder Roasts aka "Pork Butt" aka Pulled Pork (4-5 roasts)


Sausage (Breakfast, smoked, bologna, summer, you pick) (roughly 40 lbs)

Pork Chops (10-11 packages of 2)

Bacon (5-7 pounds)

Bacon Ends (roughly 10, 1lb packages)

Pork fat (25, 2 pounds packages)

Hocks (2)

Ribs (1 rack)

Jowel (1)

Hams (2) OR have them ground into ground pork (Roughly 20-25lbs)

The $300 deposit will hold your half and the balance due will be required upon delivery of cuts.  Estimate of balance will roughly be $300 depending on the hanging weight of the hog.  You will be contacted to confirm which cuts you would like before the hog goes to to be processed.