Half Hog

Hillbilly Nutrition

Half Hog


This is a pre-order/deposit to reserve your half of a hog.  These are first come first serve and will include the cuts you like. You will receive approximately 125lbs of pastured pork.  Typical cuts for 1 half hog are:

Shoulder Roasts aka "Pork Butt" aka Pulled Pork (4-5 roasts)

Sausage (Breakfast, smoked, bologna, summer, you pick) (roughly 40 lbs)

Pork Chops (10-11 packages of 2 bone-in 1-inch thick)

Bacon (~10 pounds)

Pork fat (25, 2 pounds packages)

Hocks (2)

Ribs (1 rack)

Jowel (1)

Hams (2) OR have them ground into ground pork, or make more sasuages (Roughly 20-25lbs)

The $400 deposit will hold your half and the balance due will be required upon delivery of cuts.  Estimate of balance will roughly be $400 depending on the hanging weight of the hog.  You will be contacted to confirm which cuts you would like before the hog goes to to be processed.