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Hillbilly Farm Stand's First Family Gathering

We enjoyed seeing some new faces at the Farm Stand Family Gathering this month.  It was a great way to come sample some of the food and mix and mingle with other like-minded Hillbilly's. We are so Thankful to all of our farmers and vendors who donated food for the tasting event.  2S Beef, Holleman Farms, Windy Meadows, Jersey Girls, Leelaine, & Michele's Marshmallows.  We also sampled some of the Hillbilly Kombucha, Buon Giorno Coffee, and Sabine Creek Honey.  We had featured Beautycounter products as well as Urban Moonshine.  Everything tasted delicious and we LOVED getting to know you guys more!  We are looking forward to hosting our next gathering in November. Stay tuned for details! Until then, enjoy some...

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Welcome to Beautycounter!

    I have been around the block on my skin care and beauty routine, which let me just say, is minimal.  There are days when I wear nothing (although I've tried to wear SOMETHING every day, just so I don't scare my friends away).  I am a simple gal that knows how to get dolled up for a night out on the town, but rarely puts that much effort in on a daily basis.When my journey towards better health began, I knew nothing about what "Safe Ingredients" meant.  And when I started shopping for organic foods and began recognizing the more "Natural Brands" of toothpaste and skincare regimes I thought I had made it.  And then came my daughter.  I...

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Hillbilly Farm Stand - Open for Business!

  I'm excited to introduce to you Hillbilly Farm Stand.  Located (virtually) in the North Dallas, Texas suburbs of Carrollton and Allen, Texas.  Orders are now taken 24-7 with pickup options at both of our host sites.  All orders are considered a Pre-Order, and pickup days are always on a Wednesday from about noon-6pm.  We currently offer pickups every 2nd week but are looking to add new hosts, offerings, and options for our customers!Let me know if I can help you with your first order!

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