The Pigs

We raise a heritage breed of pigs that are a cross between Red Wattle and Old Spots. The Red Wattle pig is native to East Texas and are known to love to forage. That makes them a perfect fit for our pasture raised program.  They have huts that we move around for their shelter, fresh water, mud pits, and lots of tree line to stay cool. Adapting to climates makes them hardy, and being disease resistant makes them the perfect pasture raised pigs.


The meat of these pigs is renowned in the restaurant industry as some of the tastiest pork out there. The flesh is tender, flavorful, and has a beautiful color to it. The fat is perfectly white, and when rendered, it's used in baking and cooking. Since these pigs are raised on pasture, 1 tablespoon of their lard has 1,000 I.U.'s of Vitamin D. This is liquid gold!

My favorite thing about these gentle giants are their color and their wattles. Their red fur makes them a beautiful hue of rusty red and their wattles, well, they just add character. They have no meaning or use. They are simply a trait that is passed on in the gene pool.  

Always wanting to offer our family, and YOURS, the best pork we can, we pride ourselves on a hormone and antibiotic free, nitrate & nitrite free, pork. When not foraging on grasses and roots, we supplement our pigs with a locally milled fresh pellet feed that is Non-GMO, corn free & soy free.  

Our pork is processed about 45 minutes from our farm and sold by the cut in our shop or by the half or whole. We ensure that all of our pork seasonings contain no nitrates or nitrites, no dextrose, no filler, gluten free and dairy free. We can't wait for you to try it, because you can taste the difference. #eatlikeahillbilly