Tracy McCoy



Hi Y'all! My name is Tracy, I am a Nourishing Foods Ambassador, a Real Foodie, and a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I empower and inspire people to appreciate passionately raised delicious food. I have always been passionate about food, comfortable in the kitchen, and someone my family calls “Aunt Bossy”.

My journey started when I started paying attention to what I was eating, the quality of food we were buying, what justified my dollar, and what MY definition of real food actually was.  I began to learn and grow in my nutrition journey. Hillbilly Nutrition was founded in 2012 because I became impassioned by what I had learned.  I had fueled a slow burning fire and I had to share with everyone I came in contact with.  Whether they wanted to hear about our food systems or not (smile).   I tried my hand at growing some of my own food & began sourcing everything I could from local farms.  Fast forward to 2013 I decided to go through a year long Nutrition program to help me help others.  I was beginning to find my way.  

At the end of 2013 when my daughter was born I realized the purpose for all of this passion.  It was for her.  All of it.  You see, I thought through this whole process that I was going to fix my body, I was going to make it work right and I was drinking the nutrition koolaid by the GALLON!  But then I realized that everything I had learned and everything I had changed in my life that I thought was for ME, was always for her.  She needed every single ounce of what I believe in and practice in terms of food, living and lifestyle.

In 2014 I graduated from IIN and started serving our community with quality sourced food. The Hillbilly Farm Stand was born to continue educating others and feeding families and friends with pasture & grass fed meats from local farms, cheeses, yogurts, local brewed kombucha, raw-local unfiltered honey, locally roasted coffee, and superfoods like grass fed gelatin/collagen are just some of the foods we have sourced in the past.  This Farm Stand is a labor of love and gives me a chance to provide my local community with a resource for buying real, sustainable food.  One of the hardest things for me to do when I started my journey was define and find what I considered "real food".  This Farm Stand gives those that come to me with questions, a place to go!

Cooking has always been a hobby & an outlet for me but my passion began when I learned to justify eating healthy fats, local produce, pasture raised meats and eggs, and the fact that you couldn’t find that in the typical grocery store.  I truly believe that the degeneration of our health, the infertility, the cancer, the ADD, and diabetes is due to the fact that we have been offered something disguised as food for too long.  I wanted to inspire people to put some love and faith in the foods of our past and slow down.  This led me to becoming a Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach in 2015.  Focusing on real food isn't something that comes naturally to most people these days, so I coach groups to help them learn what real food is again and break up with the sugar roller coaster we call the Hangry Monster.

The Hillbilly's moved to the Homestead in 2017 which was a dream come true.  Hillbilly Nutrition is about getting back to basics in what we eat and how we live.  I hope you will be inspired to eat delicious nutrient dense whole foods and welcome your family back to the dinner table.