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Pastured Pork NonGMO Soy Free Corn Free Pork Nitrate Free Nitrite Free Smoked Sausage Texas Meats Delivered


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Avg 1.25 lbs Dry Cured & Smoked bacon.

Cured with water, salt, spices, and celery juice powder.

Nitrate and nitrite free of course! Thick cut and delicious! #eatlikeahillbilly

Pastured Pork Bacon

Our bacon is known for meatiness, well-marbled, FLAVOR. Our pigs are raised outdoors and fed grass, a Non-GMO Soy-Free Corn-Free feed, and lots of sunshine ensuring that their bacon is some of the best you've ever eaten.  We raise a heritage breed of hogs called Red Wattle's that you can read more about here.  

Originating in Texas, they are known in the chef community as a breed raised for flavor but the home chefs, bbq'er, and local connoisseurs all rave about them making a delicious cut of meat that can't be replicated in conventional pigs.

Raised outdoors, having never received hormones, antibiotics, or vaccinations, these pigs live a good life which makes for amazing pork.

All meat is shipped hard frozen on dry ice. Each package is vacuum-sealed and can be defrosted in your fridge or in some cold water for a quicker thaw. The USDA recommends cooking pork to 160 degrees, but for quality raised pork like this, you are best taking it off the heat at around 140-145 and letting it rest.  This will produce a medium cooked juicy cut of meat that isn't just "the other white meat".

We love keeping quality proteins in our freezer. Shop Your Freezer and feel good about what you eat. Having farm fresh meat shipped to your door will give you what you need at your fingertips without having to make time to go to the market or visit the farm (although we'd love to have you!)

Processed at a USDA Inspected Facility which gives us the capability to ship meat directly to you. (Or choose Free Farm Pickup at checkout)