pastured pork lard rendered pig fat local farm pork lard cooking lard
pastured pork lard rendered pig fat local farm pork lard cooking lard

Pork Lard - Rendered

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Shipped frozen in pint-size containers. Fat from pastured pigs is one of the most nutrient-rich sources of Vitamin D next to Fish Roe.  It's perfect for baking the most amazing homemade crusts and baked goods and is an awesome cooking fat (much better for you than heavily processed vegetable oils) and a very similar smoke point to avocado oil. 

Lard rendered from pastured pork can contain upwards of 1,000 i.u. of Vitamin D per tablespoon!  That's because our pigs aren't raised in confinement, no barns, only shelters available if they want them. Otherwise, they are free to roam in their grazing paddock where they chomp on grasses, berries, they root up roots and whatever other bugs and grubs they desire. That's right, so while others are taking supplements for their Vitamin D, you can simply cook with this amazing perfectly white mild cooking fat that will keep you healthy. 

P.S. All pork fat is not created equal.  Compared to conventionally raised pigs, the amount of Vitamin D available in pastured pork fat is 100 times those raised without sunshine.  Additionally, conventionally raised pork fat is where any toxins in their system will reside. So if you are going to consume animal fat, make sure you are choosing animals that are without hormones, without antibiotics, supplemented with a NonGMO Corn Free Soy Free Feed, and given the best life possible. Like ours!