Holleman Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located about an hour from Dallas, in Greenville, Texas.

They raise heritage breed hogs, including Red Wattle and Berkshire.  They are pasture-raised, rotated through the various wooded areas of the farm allowing them to do what they were made to do, forage and dig up roots and acorns, cleaning up the unwanted brush from the woods and tilling up the soil. When they are moved to a new paddock, they have little interest in their feed at first, because they are too busy enjoying the natural forage.  Unlike Grass Fed Cows, hogs do need a supplementation of feed to thrive.  Holleman uses a non-GMO feed from Hiland Naturals. They have had no antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals. Their diet is also supplemented with the extra milk from the family Jersey cow Snow White, eggs from the ducks and pastured hens, freshly sprouted fodder that grown on site made from wheat or barley seed, and seasonal produce and plants from their gardens.

Pasture-raised hogs take a bit longer to reach processing weight than hogs raised in confinement, due to the fact that they have more room to move around and be active. After nine months or so, when the hogs reach about 300 pounds, they are taken to Fischer’s Meat Market, a USDA inspected processing facility in Muenster, Texas.

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